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Mar 212010
Who can add & edit Blog’s contents?

Any current procedures are not set in stone. This organization is attempting to create some channels for communication among residents and others with an interest in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. You are reading one post on the main web site’s blog.

There is also a Forum area, where discussions can be better organized by topic and question/thread. We are new to setting up accounts and granting permissions, so pardons if we stumble a bit getting things in place. Accounts and access levels apply to both the Forum and Blog. We believe these channels could be a productive way to talk about influences in our lives. I (Sigurd) see these as a way to hold a region-wide, onging, virtual “town meeting.”

As I write in past-mid March, you can submit material to me and/or Gloria Bruce (also a board member) to have content approved. Once you’ve had something approved, we’ll look at giving you “author” privileges, meaning you could add and edit your own postings directly, whenever you wish.

If there are “techies” or others out there who’d like to contribute towards making these tools more useful, please get in touch. So far, we’ve had minimal funding and the efforts of volunteers to get as far as we have.

Signed, Sigurd Andersen

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