The Northeast Kingdom Collaborative is taking new steps for its future. Its Strategic Vision and Workplan [PDF] outlines new organizational structures for more efficient and effective work. See our Planning page for information about current and past efforts.

We have recently received funding to pay for a part-time Program Director. A press release about the funding and the Collaborative’s plans is available as a Word document. The job description is available as a PDF or Word document.

The Northeast Kingdom of Vermont is comprised of three of Vermont’s most rural counties, located in the northeast corner of the state. From its inception, the Northeast Kingdom Collaborative has worked to hold conversations and dialogue about critical issues facing our rural and isolated counties and communities. We encourage exchange of information and opportunities through convenings, collaboration and partnerships. The Strategic Plan we have adopted helps us to identify critical priorities for the region. We are seeking ways to encourage new and enhance current efforts addressing those priorities. The five goals we want to address are:

  • Build Economic Resilience in the Region;
  • Cultivate Business Growth;
  • Improve and Expand Infrastructure;
  • Develop Workforce;
  • Promote Quality of Life in Communities.

The Collaborative is not a “service provider” but rather a service enabler. An abundance of local, state and federal providers exist but their efforts are not always coordinated between and among agencies. State-directed community partnerships also exist but sometimes they, too, do not communicate their strategies and opportunities. What the Collaborative does best is offer a neutral ground for exploration, expansion and leveraging of ideas and efforts. It provides a meeting space and facilitates the appreciation of the most important resource we have in the Kingdom: its people.

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